Great apartment in the heart of Amsterdam City

House Rules

Dear Guests, we very much welcome you!!

But for most and all we want your attention for our MAIN house rules.

It is Forbidden to use drugs in or AROUND the apartment!
Families with kids live here too and take offence from smoking and smells. You cannot SMOKE weed/hash/ joints or cigarettes in and around the apartment!
You cannot abuse alcohol in the apartment or make EXTREME NOISE than normally accepted to avoid nuisance for our neighbors!
Its a family orientated area here. If you have a stereo don’t let it be an overload of noise, especially during night and bedtime hours due to the tranquility in the park.
Take care of the neighbors. Keep it quiet.

Amsterdam City Rules are strict and hotels or apartment holders are responsible for nuisance caused by their guests. The sound and resonance are carried far because of the area settlement.

There are many coffeeshops and clubs in town. We are a private apartment with license. We ask your respect for something that is decent and normal, and ask to comply.

If we receive only 1 complaint from our beloved neighbors, and the consequences will be to end your stay in our apartment immediately. And your deposit will not be refunded.

This message is not personal!! We send this to all our guests.

Thank you for understanding, Afille owner.